Heavy Baile


Heavy Baile 2018

Funk is a genuinely musical genre born in Rio de Janeiro and, although it has always been on the margins of the music and media industry, it is a cultural manifestation of the slums, with a social role within the favelas. In recent years, Funk has gained worldwide notoriety with the internationalization of influences present in the work of artists such as Diplo, M.I.A., Tropkillaz and Anitta. Formed in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro the collective Heavy Baile brings a new fusion of funk and electronic music. Mixing electronic sounds with traditional funk-beaten beatings, the result is a progressive musical and cultural empowerment movement of the slums, led by Leo Justi, accompanied by MC Tchelinho, DJ Thai and the team of dancers formed by Sabrina Ginga, Ronald Sheick and Neguebites. Adding sounds and tribes, Heavy Baile unites people through music and dance and has been conquering all over Brazil. Leo Justi is the producer that is changing the sound of the funk carioca and national rap in works with MC Carol, Emicida, Rincon Sapiência, Karol Conka and Tropkillaz, in addition to international partnerships with names like M.I.A. and Lil Jon.

In 2018, Heavy Baile released their first album, titled „Carne de Pescoço” and they are infecting the world with the funk fever of Rio.


Origin: BR |Territory: Europe | Label: Heavy Baile Sounds

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